Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nothing Like A Sexy Booty At The Beach...

Babe in thong at beach "I'll take my thong off in the water for you!"
Photo via unknown

I'd Like To Kiss Something Else...

Sexy young blonde showing booty "I hate wearing panties!"
Photo via Alison Angel

Yep, You're Ready For Me Now!

Bare butt with skirt up "Does my ass turn you on?"
Photo via Brooke Skye

Love Those Red Heels!

Babe in see-thru bodysuit "I'm getting ready for some hot and heavy lapdancing."
Photo via Asian Angels

Damn, A Little Ass And Beer Together!

Girl bent over with bare ass in air "Welcome Home Honey!"
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

That Looks Good Enough To Eat!

Naked butt sitting in chair "See the sunburn on my butt?"
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Fine By Me... Leave It Unzipped!

Woman in dress exposing butt "My zipper is stuck!"
Photo via Chic Fun

Nothing Like Topless Babes!

"We're just soaking up the sun. How about joining us."
Photo via unknown

A Shining Booty!

Beautiful girl sitting on light nude "Does this light show my booty better?"
Photo via Hotbox Babes

Oh Yes! I Do Love Pink!

Babe showing big butt wearing hot pink "Do you like a woman in hot pink?"
Photo via Bundablog

I Bet Your Boobs Look Just As Good!

Girl wearing nylons showing butt "Does my ass pass your inspection?"
Photo via Creamy Babes

Sorry, I Didn't Know It Was Yours

Maid showing a little ass "Hmm, I know I had more then that in my glass".
Photo via Westvillage

Girls With Balls?!

Sexy Booty Babes with soccer balls "Try grabbing our balls!"
Photo via Funny XXX Jokes

Friday, April 28, 2006

No Fish Needed!

Net wrapped around butt "I was only trying to net the fish!"
Photo via unknown

That's About As Perfect As It Gets!

The perfect naked body "My body has no flaws."
Photo via Bundablog

Perfect! I Can Fit Right In!

Three nice asses "I believe we've made the hole big enough for you."
Photo via unknown

What More Could A Man Want...

Beautiful blonde in thong "Do you like my new white thong?"
Photo via Hotbox Babes

Are You Waiting For Me?

Vintage Booty Gal "I think it may rain and I don't want to get my booty wet."
Photo via Vintage Lovely

Damn, That's A Lot Of Ass!

Big Ass "Is my ass big enough for you?"
Photo via 40 Inch Plus

I Believe You Forgot Your Bathing Suit!

Nude lady laying in the water Ah yes, this feels so good!"
Photo via unknown

Woo Hoo, Show Me More...

Drunk Girls Showing Bootys "Take a good look while we're drunk."
Photo via Drunk Nip Slips

My Balls Are Better!

Naked girl bowling "I know exactly what to do with balls!"
Photo via Chic Fun

Thursday, April 27, 2006

WOW! Eat My Heart Out!

Stunning blonde model "I'm waiting for the photographer."

Will That Sink Hold Two?

Naked girl putting on lipstick "I like to put my make-up on while I'm naked. Enjoy!"
Photo via Cu Cu

Yep, My Juices Are Flowing!

Blonde babe pulling off tiny thong "Oops, I believe it's stuck!"
Photo via Bundablog

That Thong Fits You To A T!

Beautiful Thong Booty "I just want to be left alone."
Photo via unknown

Need Me To Get That Tag Out?

Girl with nice round butt! "Don't mind the tag... just look at my yummy butt!"
Photo via Funny Butts

Get Back!

Wild Looking Woman "Watch out... I Bite!
Photo via unknown

Got It? So Show It!

See-Thru Dress On Sexy Babe "Do you like my new one-piece swimsuit?"
Photo via Chic Fun

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

That's What I Call A Powerful Weapon!

Dangerous butt wearing thong "I'm armed and very dangerous so watch out!"
Photo via unknown

You Look Like One Wicked Lady...

No thong on this babe "I can stretch out to one more step if you' d like."
Photo unknown

Yes, You Are One Sexy Lady.

Luscious Booty "Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who's the sexiest one of all?"
Photo via Sexoteric

Ouch! Is That Comfortable?

Booty Babe On Bike "I have to hurry or I'll be late for my recital."
Photo via Funny XXX Jokes

You Can Ride Me!

Chic Missing Her Horse "Someone took my horse!"
Photo via Chic Fun

Can I Lick Your Lime?

Sweet Butt "Look at the perfect balance my booty has!"
Photo via unknown

Can I Help You, Please?

"Can you please help me take off my shirt?"
Photo via Divinity 18

Nothing Like A Patriotic Gal!

"I believe in freedom for the red, white, and blue!"

Nice Boots!

"I know it's over here somewhere."
Photo via Sexoteric

Beauty At It's Finest!

"I'm perfect in every way!"
Photo via Cu Cu

Forget The Hat! I Like Your Booty!

"Do you like my new hat?"
Photo via Bullz Eye

Hey Bud, You're Biting The Wrong Thing!

"Come on, show him what to bite!"
Photo via unknown

Love A Chic In Many Positions!

"Imagine how I can be in the bed!"
Photo via Chic Fun

Are Your Boobs Just As Firm?

"I believe in firming up everything."
Photo via Hotbox Babes


"Damn, I wish I would have worn my belt!"
Photo via Bundablog

Cum And Find Me!

"Ready or not, here I come!"
Photo via unknown

Hmm... Interesting!

"Don't mind me - I like playing naked."
Photo via Cu Cu

Is That A Whip Between Your Legs?

"Lay down. I'll be right there."
Photo via Cream Log

Could Get A Little Sandy...

"Are you up to a little hanky panky in the sand?"
Photo via unknown

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grrr... If Only I Could Get To You!

"You won't find any tan lines on me!"
Photo via unknown

I'd Love To Walk Through Your Village!

"Do you like my work of art?"
Photo via Westvillage