Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Go Ahead... Pull It Up Further!

Chic with fly-away skirt showing bare butt "Whoopee, fresh air!"

What Every Man Needs!...

#1 Male Sex Toy


Naked gal showing ass and holding very large tool "Think you're gonna mess with me?"

Yea... Show Me That Booty!

Girls having fun with one showing her booty "Don't mind us... we're just drunk!"
Photo via Chru Girls

Do I See Spikes On Those Heels?...

Woman in black stockings showing booty "Watch out buddy!"

I'm Jealous!!

Sexy topless gal laying down with stuffed bears "My 'tittie' bears love me".

Hey Girls... I'm Down Here!

Two girls in graduation gowns showing booty "See what you're missing by not being here!"
Photo via Westvillage

Hmm...Are Your Boobs As Big?

Nude babe with big ass "I hope you like a big ass!"
Photo via Hotbox Babes

My Kind Of Dress!

Woman in see thru dress showing butt "I just wanted to make sure I didn't get too hot."
Photo via Met-Art

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Nudist Gas Station...

Nude gal pumping gas in van "Wait a minute... I'm trying to put the gas in this van."
Photo via Westvillage

One Heck Of A Body!

Back of nude woman "There seems to be something in my hair!"
Photo via Ass Ambassador

Need Me To Fix That Zipper?

Girls ass showing through shorts "My darn zipper busted"!

Hmm... What's In Those Panties?

Hot babe in white lace lingerie "I just bought these new lacy panties for you".
Photo via Babe Sex Club

I Love Doggy Style...

"Who do you think has the cutest butt?"
Photo via Young Gallery

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why Did You Ruin Your Ass?

Naked woman with tattoed body "I love to show off my body!"
Photo via Sexoteric

Love Those Red Boots!

Cowgirl sitting in chair butt naked "I'm waiting for something to ride."
Photo via As Red As

Shake That Booty!

Two girls wearing thongs showing ass "Come on... come on... more money!"

Rev It Up Babe!!

Blonde wearing see-thru outfit leaning on car "Would you like to go for a ride?"
Photo via JC Dawson

Friday, May 19, 2006

Love Those White Thong Booty Babes!

Sexy lady wearing white thong "I can't decide on the white or pink thong."

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Nude girl with man totally dressed "That's not fair... he has his clothes on."
Photo via Badgirls Hotbox

What An Ass!

Gal in white stockings showing booty "What are you looking at?...I'm just watering my plants."

Looks Like You Need My Company

Naked chic laying on the beach "If only I had a man with me."

I'll Be There In A Minute!

Nude babe showing ass sitting on brick wall "Couldn't you have had something a little softer to sit on?"
Photo via Tepuis

Need Some Help Down There?

Ballerina girl bending over showing booty "Just getting ready for my ballet recital"!
Photo via Hegre Archives

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You're My Kind Of Piano Teacher!

Naked woman laying on piano bench "Will you be 'coming' today for your lessons?"

Hmm... Booty on Booty!

Girl riding piggy back in thong swimsuits "We're on vacation and we're living it up!"
Photo via Phun

Oldie But Goodie Ass...

Sexy brunette showing butt "You really don't think I'm too old, do you?"

Let Me Take A Peek!

Booty with crocheted skirt "I crocheted' it all by myself"!
Photo via Bundablog


Nude babe showing booty "What makes you think I'm going to do what you say?"
Photo via Met Art

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hon, Yall Look Just Fine Like That!

Two blondes in car showing booty "You're not being funny... give us back our clothes!"
Photo via Phun

Can I Get On And Ride??

Brunette bent over showing ass "Just getting some exercise before I push my bike up that mountain".
Photo via Micro Babe

Yikes... I Better Stay Away!

Chic in the nude wearing heels "See these pointed heels bud? Hands off my booty"!

What A Sweet Ass You Have!

Sexy booty in thong "Damn, I think my butt's gotten too big for these pants"!
Photo via Touche Sexy

Gee... Naked Punishment!

Two girls sitting in chairs nude "Yes, we were bad girls today"

No Seconds?

Woman pulling on pants "You sure wore me out last night"!
Photo via Young Gallery

Friday, May 12, 2006

Now That's One Good Looking Booty!

Naked Ass "Think you can handle this?"
Photo via Domai

Hold On... I'm On My Way!

Babe showing bare butt "I hope he isn't distracted by my boots."

Are You A True Red Head?

Red Head in net suit "I hope my booty isn't showing through my cat suit"!

Yea... That's What I Want!

Girl showing booty on other babe "Is this what you want?"
Photo via Westvillage

You're Just What I've Been Waiting For!

Sexy brunette wearing white thong "Damn, I left my top at the beach"!
Photo via Chic Fun

A Biker Girl Ass...

Biker girl showing butt "I'm tuff and I'm mean so watch out"!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm Sick! I Need A Nurse!

Nurse wearing thong showing booty "I can heal my patients very quickly."
Photo via Westvillage

Need Some Balls?

Sexy Blonde "And he said I wasn't going to have to work!"
Photo via Chic Fun

The Photographer Isn't Coming. Sorry!

Female Nude Model "Where in the hell is that photographer?"
Photo via Sexoteric


Naked babe bent over "That marathon wore me out!"
Photo via Ass Ambassador

What An Ass!

Blonde leaning over showing big booty "Is this what you want?"
Photo via Hotbox Babes

What The Heck?...

Ass Up "Don't mind me... I'm just working in my flower garden."
Photo via Sexy Funny Stuff

Sorry Hon, You're Too Skinny For Me

Topless gal showing ass "Don't you think I'm sexy?"
Photo via unknown

And You Didn't Invite Me To The Party?

Four girls pulling down pants showing butt in thongs "Hey bud, what do you think of this?"
Photo via Booze Crew