Monday, June 19, 2006

Hold On... I'm On My Way!

Three babes showing butts "We're thinking about doing the naughty thing!"
Photo via My Lesbian Babes

A Spoon For Some Booty!

"Go ahead... take a scoop of this."

I Like It! I Like It!

Cute girl wearing thong showing butt "How do you like my booty?"
Photo via Chru Girls

Camera Man Alert!

"I'll be glad to show you my garter".

No Painted Toe Nails?

"Do you like my new shoes?"

I'm Closing My Eyes

Girl bent over showing a little booty "I really do have on panties. Can you see them?"
Photo via Silvianue

You're A Real Worker!

Nude babe leaning on truck tire showing ass "I'm trying to change this tire."
Photo via Ass Ambassador

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yum... Can I Eat It All?

bare butt girl wearing candy garter belt "Want a bite of my candy?"

I'll Take One Of These!

Blonde bent over wearing thong "I wanted the matching bra but they didn't have my size".
Photo via Hotbox Babes

A Little Booty With A Hat...

naked girl wearing a hat "I just bought this hat. Do you like it?"

Yikes... Get Back!

blonde chic with big fat ass "Yes, I really do have a head"!

Are You Confused?

Girl sitting on toilet backwards showing butt "Sorry about that. I've run out of toilet paper."
Photo via Westvillage

Go Ahead... Have A Seat!

Sexy nude babe showing bare booty "I am one erotic lady... don't you think so?
Photo via Sexoteric Blog

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My New Blog

Okay, I know... you're upset cause I haven't put any new booty's on here in the last couple of days, right? Well I have an excuse... I've been working on a new blog and I've finally gotten it finished. Check it out... but first brace yourself - it's a little more erotic then what you're looking at here at Booty Babe Paradise but guys I think you'll like it - and if you do, be sure to put it in your favorites and keep checking back for new babes! So here ya go... My Lesbian Babes. Go see what you think!

Enjoy, Bunner